Billion was generated from cyber ​​​​monday sales in 2012 in the united states. According to a study by Comscore inc. One thousand 500 million dollars were generated by the sales of the so-called. Cyber ​​​​monday in 2012 in the united states, according to a study carried out by Comscore. Emulating its Friday cousin with hundreds of offers, but via cybernetics. However, despite the fact that Mexico has almost 60 million internet users, according to a study by the world internet project, few were the stores that joined this trend. Related articles: el Buen fin exceeds expectations in online sales e-commerce will grow 42% in Mexico online sales through intermediary or transaction.

Internet are a topic that remains current regardless of time or country. And that is why the animal feed brand Purina Friskies has decided to carry out an online campaign starring some Interior Designers Email List of the cats famous felines of the network such as Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, Oskar the blind, Nala and Hamilton the Hipster Cat, to donate food to cats that are in shelters and organizations for abandoned animals in the United States. International .The self-made musiciankeep your anti virus updated try to have the latest version of your antivirus to avoid damage to your computer. If you access dubious websites.Do not pay attention to all the pop-up that you see most of them can mean a security threat for your computer.Connect to secure networks:always try to buy online in private connection.

Interior Designers Emil List

Avoid doing it in an open network Pay by credit card

Avoid doing it in an open network.Pay by credit card.They provide greater security than debit cards, so your data is safer.Subscribe . The premium content or f merca2.0the launch of the film anchorman 2 in which will ferrell plays the commentator ron burgundy has been an example of viral, guerrilla. Traditional and now non-linear marketing . The launch of the film Anchorman 2 in the that will ferrell plays commentator ron burgundy has been an example of viral, guerrilla. Traditional and now non-linear marketing.

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