work and your email blasts for product sales and content promotion get opened and clicked by more people on your list. Now you know the four email campaigns that work, let’s look at how to send one-off email blasts proven to make sales. HOW TO SEND EMAIL BLASTS THAT MAKE $1,000+ EVERY Cyprus Phone Number List TIME (USING APPSUMO’S THREE-PART EMAIL MARKETING FORMULA) There’s a three-part formula every successful AppSumo email follows: Subject line. Get people curious. Preheader text. Tell people what the content Cyprus Phone Number List of your email is about. Call to action. One clear call to action in the top third of the email. Below are three examples from three different Sumo customers (with revenue results after 72 hours) to show you exactly how to follow the

Why You Should Be Building an Opt-In List

AppSumo formula and write email blasts that sell in any industry. EXAMPLE #1: CLOTHING PRODUCTS Company: Suavs Email: Screenshot of email blasts following Cyprus Phone Number List AppSumo Subject Line: Dreams do come blue Preheader Text: You voted, we listened. Introducing: The Navy Zilkers Call To Action: Shop Now Recipients: 19,758 Open Rate: 20.3% Click Rate: 2.4% Revenue (72 hours): $4,516.25 Cyprus Phone Number List EXAMPLE #2: FOOD PRODUCTS Company: Cuvee Coffee Email: Screenshot of email blasts following AppSumo Subject Line: Don’t miss this one Preheader Text: This limited edition coffee won’t be around forever Call Cyprus Phone Number List To Action: Shop Pinkies Up Recipients: 2,185 Open Rate: 38.4% Click Rate: 4.9% Revenue (72 hours): $4,780.93 EXAMPLE #3: HEALTH

Cyprus Phone Number List

PRODUCTS Company: Bare Performance Nutrition Email: Screenshot of email blasts following AppSumo Subject Line: The Wheyt Is Cyprus Phone Number List Over – NEW Flavor Cyprus Phone Number List Available Preheader Text: Maybe Our Best Yet — New BPN Protein Flavor Available Now Call To Action: Get Some Now Recipients: 37,319 Open Rate: 13.6% Click Rate: 0.9% Revenue (72 hours): $2,518.42 Notice how all these Cyprus Phone Number List emails follow the same three-part formula: Curiosity-filled subject line. Preheader text telling people what’s inside. One clear call-to-action button to buy. You don’t need to be a world-class copywriter to make sales from your email blasts.

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