Now that we are all glued to home, we notice again how digital content can enrich our lives. Our children are taught remotely, sporty home workouts are shared en masse Macedonia Phone Number List and we are creative in keeping our distance – but not distance – from each other. Many organizations are making a difference in these bizarre weeks. For example, involved organizations.

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Make educational content for children and young people available free of charge. Just because now is the time to make the world a little better Netflix and Disney+ are great options. But it can also be more educational, more creative, and more cultural. That’s why I’ve listed 22 tips for you today that you can keep your children busy.

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With that don’t cost anything and that they still learn something from. 1. Audiobooks The Listen Library has added extra audiobooks to the Listen Library app, especially for everyone who has to stay at home. There are 12 new audiobooks for children, and no fewer than 16 for adults. Even if you are not a member of the Library.

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