Hi Luca, how are you? Hi Ennio, I can simply tell you that I bought sugar-free tea to be a health-conscious. Then I added sugar to him because I didn’t like it. I felt like a fool. Other than that I’m not complaining, September was a month full of new jobs and projects. For the moment it is going well, but I am a person who lives day by day, because life is a moment that puts you in that place. What led you to become a copywriter? It was the natural evolution of my work on social media , especially in Memorable Comments. I have always done well to play with the texts to arrange them according to a specific goal. I’ve always had a predisposition to writing, like in elementary school

I Wrote Essays in My Thirties. But at 10 Years Ol

I wrote essays in my thirties. But at 10 years old. How do you think copywriting will evolve in the next few years? The study of human emotions will be a key element. Can you tell me a little who is Luca? Let’s say that there hasn’t been a single Luca, my life has led me to Iceland WhatsApp Number List become aware of myself at the age of 25. an early age I have been intelligent and introspective, as if I were a thirty-year-old in the body of a little boy. This caused me a bit of trouble in junior high and high school, feeling different I didn’t want to expose myself. To be accepted, I wore the tough guy’s mask, with tattoos and piercings. Not having the tools of a mature person.

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I created armor, pretending to be a different person

I created armor, pretending to be a different person. Gradually, as I grew up, I began to understand that the world I had built around me was not mine. When I became aware of this, I totally changed and I knocked down the walls that I had built around myself. Today I continue to maintain this line. My values ​​are my values, and they are not questioned. What do you mean by values? Let’s say that I have compasses that guide my actions. Consistency is very important to me. Consistency means following a path as long as you believe in it.

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