The Quick Way: Type “why does” and “how do” in Comoros Email List the search bar (keep the quotes so it filters just for those exact match terms). Start scrolling through the results to find the top questions people have in the niche: search results of a niche in Reddit In this case, you might create an explanatory post Comoros Email List answering the following questions: Why you should never starve yourself How fasting works Comoros Email List in weight loss Being fat doesn’t make you a bad but… The Better Way: Scroll through the subreddit and open the threads. Read Comoros Email List through the questions and struggles the redditors are experiencing. Pro Tip: For bigger, well-established subreddits,

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check out the sidebar to find resources like FAQ. Reddit and Comoros Email List sidebar on Reddit The Silver Platter Technique: Type in your niche/keyword on /r/explainlikeimfive. Reddit threads Each of those questions is like a golden, viral nugget for your blog handed to you on a silver platter, giving you a chance to educate Comoros Email List about your topic. Write about them. 4. Warning post In the fourth spot, the “Warning Post” drove Comoros Email List 17 million hits to our sample sites, and this one makes sense: Warnings are difficult to ignore. In this Comoros Email List post, you’ll “warn” readers of something that they probably didn’t know about. For example, David Wolfe warns readers that Google is

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recording them: warning post used in David Wolfe’s blog Comoros Email List And Mind Body Green warns readers about a side effect of tattoos: warning post used in Mind Body Green’s blog As an expert on your topic, it can be tough to think of what your readers might not know about, so to think of blog post ideas under Comoros Email List this article type, use Google Scholar. Type in “recent studies on [topic]” (for example, nutrition): search Comoros Email List results of “recent studies on nutrition” on Google Scholar And filter for a recent date (Since 2015, 2018, or 2019). Most Comoros Email List people don’t know about the recent science in your field (probably not even you!) so this is an opportunity.

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