Punctuation (a check for the use of excessive punctuation). Personalization (if your subject line is personalized with name, industry, title, interest, or geographic info). Russia Phone Number List Question In Subject (if your subject line is a question or not). All Lowercase (if the subject is all lowercase and more personal). Emoji (a check to see if there are any emojis that catch the eye). Tool Russia Phone Number List LITMUS Litmus is a paid tool that tests your email for broken links, missing product images, wrong typefaces, missing call-to-action Russia Phone Number List buttons, and spam in over 90 email clients.

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Screenshot of Litmus This tool checks for Russia Phone Number List seven things: Previews (check the size of your email on mobile, tablet and desktop side by side to make sure your email looks great). First Impressions (check that your subject line, from name, reply-to address and preview text are all Russia Phone Number List clear, concise, and of a sensible length). Links (check if your email has any broken links). Tracking (verify click throughs are being tracked by Litmus, your email marketing software, and/or Google Analytics). Image Russia Phone Number List Blocking (check your email with images off to see if any images are missing alt text). Loading Speed (check how long it takes your email to load).

Russia Phone Number List

Spam Testing (check issues that could impact your deliverability before you send — and get actionable advice on how to fix them). Tool Russia Phone Number List Now you Russia Phone Number List know the tools you need to use BEFORE sending an email, let’s look at the metrics you need to measure AFTER sending. 3 EMAIL MARKETING METRICS YOU NEED TO MEASURE (+ WHAT IS A “RED FLAG”?) The Russia Phone Number List average open rate, click rate, and unsubscribe rates across all industries are: Open rate: 20.81% Click rate: 2.52% Unsubscribe rate: 0.21% AppSumo uses these three key metrics to measure email marketing success (because they know the more people

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