of the tried and true lead sources is affiliates. Find other Mauritania Email List info-product folks in your same category, build relationships with them, and persuade them to promote your products for a cut of the revenue. A few tips on making the pitch: It really helps if you already have a relationship with Mauritania Email List the person before you ask them to promote your product. Build genuine relationships with anyone else doing info-products in Mauritania Email List your same category (fitness, business, finance, etc). A 50/50 split on revenue and minus refunds is standard in the info-product industry. Affiliates love reciprocation. If you want to close an affiliate, promote their product first.

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We grew from about 40K affiliate leads in Mauritania Email List 2015 to 96K in 2016. To be honest, I can’t really say “we.” I had little, if nothing to do with this lead growth. Our Affiliate Manager at the time, Colleen Taylor, had a ton of experience in this space and did an amazing job. All the credit goes to her. If you’re Mauritania Email List considering building an affiliate program, I have a few pieces of advice: Never stop Mauritania Email List recruitment. Affiliates come and go. Most will have 1-2 great launches with you and then slow down. Sustained growth depends on recruiting new affiliates over time. Most of your affiliate leads and revenue will come from 1-2 affiliates.

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Affiliates definitely obey power-law dynamics. A handful contribute all the returns. Unfortunately, you won’t know which ones are the big winners ahead of time. For info products, Mauritania Email List focus on affiliates who are personal brands. We did multiple partnerships with larger companies and those leads didn’t Mauritania Email List convert nearly as well. WHY I WOULDN’T BUILD THAT GROWTH PROGRAM AGAIN Mauritania Email List When a manager joins a new company, they tend to run the same program that worked for them at their last role. That’s exactly what I did. I had a conversion optimization program that worked really well at KISSmetrics so I used it without understanding the

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