To increase their competitiveness. The book describes examples of companies that take privacy less closely as a result. Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Apple have already made headlines for wiretapping. In doing so, they in turn use the excuse that they ‘listen in’ to what people at home shout to their digital.

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Assistant, in order to improve the quality of speech recognition. The book also details Facebook’s affair with Cambridge Analytica. Examples of recent privacy violations abound. Even without hackers getting involved. Privacy and the Dutch Data Protection Authority The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) ensures that data.

Very Useful Often Very Harmless

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Not incorrectly stored or misused. The General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) helps with this. This sets out the principles that allow companies to store personally identifiable information, namely: They have received permission from the person concerned. The data is necessary to execute the agreement.

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