Television The NPO also puts its offer for youth in the spotlight. Their offer is completely online, divided into age groups. For example, watch Malta Phone Number List everything from Schooltv. 3. Virtual travel Do you dream of a trip to Australia, Japan, or New York? Dream away with Google Earth. Or did you just talk about the Romans at school? Then pay a virtual visit to Rome and make a map of all the places, fountains, squares, and ruins.

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Have seen it in textbooks. In My Maps you can create your own map, completely adapted to your journey. Click on ‘create new map’ and then select all locations (restaurants, places of interest, outings) and add them to the map. You can add as many locations as you want and can even use different icons for this. Also, read 3 things you can do better when you work from home 4.

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Malta Phone Number List

Cooking & Baking Did you know that cooking and baking are excellent ways to practice reading comprehension?! You learn to divide a difficult task (cooking a meal) into separate steps (buy ingredients, preheat the oven, weigh ingredients) and perform them in a logical order (mixing, whisking, combining, baking) without losing the overview. Did not read properly? Then your dish fails.

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