As collaborative advertising is cataloged by some of its members. The sample brought together several artists around the creation of designs and live art. Together with a well-known brand of beer. A good initiative for creators who sometimes marginalize themselves from. The markets due to the purely commercial connotation. Among the exhibitors for this opportunity arthunter is a platform. That aims to exhibit sell and promote national contemporary art in the country and abroad, empowering young figures. It also advises investors who are interested in art. As the idea is to promote in another way.  One of its creators, macarena timmermann. States on her site that they focus mainly on fairs and exhibition activities. In this context.

In a Country as Conventional as Ours at Least in Appearance

With a high degree of domestic violence that targets the female gender, a song like that of the emblematic band leaves no one indifferent. “ bring me the shotgun because I’m going to shoot him” says the first verse, announcing ad-port is about a failed relationship  Canadian Email Lists that also has lesbian overtones. A subject that is rarely discussed in the country. Which triggers unusual violence on the part of the protagonist of the story. tas a tragedy that later takes shape not only in the lyrics but also in the making of the video.  And if many took it as simple fiction.

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After Being Presented on the First Day of the Year Some

Expressed indignation – especially the director of username (national service for women), Loreto sequel because to say of her on social networks is “condemnable new video of Los tres. It naturalizes violence and femicide as a way of resolving conflicts. Chile does not need this. My dream job: boyfriend for rent as expected, those same statements have done nothing but fuel the fire, and the single “Hey, hey, hey” has become one of the most viewed in recent days on the internet. Meanwhile, the author and leader of the gang have declared in response to the accusations: Only a sick and deviated mind could consider that ‘hey hey hey’ is an apology for femicide.

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