email! (Sorry Jonathan, love your work, but this is just too Congo Email List much for me to read in my email.) I’m not saying this to be harsh — I’m saying it because it’s true. Your audience doesn’t care about your life or your problems. They only care about how you can help THEM with THEIR life and problems. It’s just Congo Email List human psychology. By the same token, don’t only send ads to your list. (Unless that’s why they Congo Email List opted in for, then give them what they want.) Ask yourself: If I got this email, would I care? It’s hard to be Congo Email List objective, but try. Want more examples of great newsletters? Click the button below! GET THE NEWSLETTER SWIPE FILE 2.

For Your Email Marketing Campaign

Fix your open rates Getting people to open your Congo Email List emails is half the battle. MailChimp ran a study of their customers and found the average open rate across all industries on their platform is just 20.81%.[*] In other words, only a fifth of your subscribers will open your email. Not great. Luckily, Congo Email List you can improve that drastically by: Writing great subject lines. Building trust with your Congo Email List audience that your emails are worth reading. Using your name in the “From” address instead of a brand name. Put another Congo Email List way, here’s an equation: Interesting Subject Line + Audience Trust = Open Rates If your audience trusts you as a person (or as a brand) and they


trust your emails are usually valuable to them, Congo Email List they’ll probably open your email regardless of the subject line. On the flip side, if they don’t know you well but your subject lines pique their curiosity or touch on something they really want, they’ll also open. When you have trust AND a great subject Congo Email List line? Boom! High open rates. 3. Be consistent in your delivery This one’s easy! Don’t send so Congo Email List many emails you annoy your audience, but don’t be a ghost, either. Find a schedule, and stick to it (within reason). Don’t Congo Email List send three emails one week, then none the next. Stay consistent. Send weekly emails every Friday? Great! Send biweekly or monthly

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