This means a higher chance of conversion. Think about Reunion Email Lists your niche and how you can solve a key challenge with a case study. You could: Share your own experiences and what’s worked for you. Interview an industry expert. Break down how industry leaders have achieved success. DAYS 11-13: Reunion Email Lists RUN A VIRAL GIVEAWAY Giveaways are one of the most effective ways to grow your list. Just ask Noah, who used a giveaway to collect more than 11,000 email addresses: Screenshot showing giveaway results Here’s what he was giving away: Screenshot showing giveaway email To run a successful giveaway just like Noah, you need three

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things: 1. Exciting prizes The first thing you Reunion Email Lists need is a prize (or multiple prizes). And for maximum rewards, your prize should be tailored exactly to your audience. Here are some ideas to get you started: Products from your niche. VIP experiences. Travel opportunities. Books. Reunion Email Lists Consulting calls. For example, Noah’s audience is full of people who want to grow their existing business and a large percentage of those people are also excited by the idea of working while traveling. So a travel and work bundle was a no-brainer. Screenshot showing giveaway landing page 2. A partner to supply the prize There are three ways to generate

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prizes for your giveaway: You can dig into your own pockets to buy prizes. Giveaway of your product. Partner with other brands to supply prizes. For this giveaway, we’ll focus on Reunion Email Lists option #3. Why? Well, working with partners has a few benefits: You don’t have to pay for prizes. A partner may also help you promote your giveaway by emailing their list and sharing with their audience across social media. Get started Reunion Email Lists by brainstorming 15 well-known brands in your niche. Then once you have your list, reach out to each of those brands to see if they’re interested in partnering on your giveaway. Here’s an example email Julien Marion used to entice

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