How many people land on specific pages? Where do they go afterward? How many visits does it take until conversion? What site content is driving traffic and helping Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List convert it into purchases? Google Analytics will have most of what you and the Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List expert need regarding quantitative data. Screenshot showing Google Analytics dashboard Here is the quantitative data you should collect: Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List Which pages draw in the most traffic? Which pages lead to conversions? Which pages have people leaving without buying? Which

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pages have the highest bounce rates? Who are your best customers by demographic groups? What stages of your checkout funnel do people drop out of most often? How far down the page do people scroll and view? Where are people clicking most often? Is it outside of what you would Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List expect? Qualitative data is about people and the actions they take. How they move about the site. This is more complicated and can range from anonymous on-site popup polls to one-on-one interviews and eye-tracking setups. Heatmaps provide great qualitative feedback on how users interact with a page. Screenshot showing a heatmap of an

Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List

ecommerce product page Here is the qualitative data you should collect: How do your customers describe themselves? How do they describe you to other Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List people? What role do your products fill in their daily life? WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO INVEST? This is probably not going to be cheap. If Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List you look at migration purely as a cost, you are going to feel some hurt. Instead, look at it as an investment. The move to Shopify takes your business to a new level of usability and control. Still, you need to know what

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