trial, but once you select a plan, it expands what you can do and you’ll be charged after 14 days. On the orders page, you’ll see any orders that come in, the customer’s details (address, item purchased, etc.) and order’s status. After an order has shipped, you’ll need to update the order to “shipped”. Switzerland WhatsApp Number List Pro Tip: If you’re dropshipping, the Oberlo app will automatically place orders Switzerland WhatsApp Number List with your vendors and change the order status for you. More about Oberlo and other recommended apps in Step 12. 11. REVIEW YOUR ANALYTICS & SET UP GOOGLE ANALYTICS You’ll want to get familiar with your Analytics page.

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Here you see how much traffic your store is getting, what pages users are visiting, what items are selling the most, and more. Screenshot showing Shopify Switzerland WhatsApp Number List analytics dashboard There’s nothing for you to do on this page right now; just be aware of it and get familiar with it. If you haven’t already, take this time to watch the below video and set up your Google Analytics account! While you Switzerland WhatsApp Number List can’t review Google Analytics from this analytics page, it’s still important to set up so you can get even more detailed information on your site’s visitors. 12. ADD THESE RECOMMENDED APPS Apps are software

you can download that add functionality to your store, like customer reviews or discount pop-ups. Some are free, some are paid. There are thousands of them. But here are four apps I highly recommend you get right now: 1. OBERLO FOR DROPSHIPPING App Switzerland WhatsApp Number List Free If you plan on dropshipping from AliExpress, the Oberlo app will automatically add products to your store right from your chosen merchant. It will also automatically place your orders with the chosen vendors whenever a customer orders from your store, saving you a TON of time and effort.

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