button; you should see the navigation links you added. Screenshot showing Shopify preview store Click each one to make sure it’s going to the right place, then go back to your Spain WhatsApp Number List dashboard to add your first product. 7. ADD PRODUCTS TO YOUR STORE Now it’s time for the fun part — adding products! To add a product to your store, click Products, then Add product. Screenshot Spain WhatsApp Number List showing Shopify adding products TITLE & DESCRIPTION Enter your product’s title and description. In your description, I recommend talking about the BENEFITS of your product first, the features second. People buy based on emotion and need — they don’t buy

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because something is “made of titanium”, they buy because they want something that’s long-lasting. For help with writing your descriptions, check out this product descriptions writing guide. IMAGES Images are extremely important in selling a product online. If your images suck, Spain WhatsApp Number List you’ll lose credibility and sales. For help with product photography, follow this product photography ideas guide. Note: You can only set up your store in an hour if you already have your pictures. Either take them from your manufacturer/supplier or (preferably) take them yourself if you can. Pro Tip: If you’re dropshipping and not ambitious enough to

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order the product to test it out and take pictures, often the manufacturer will have images you can use. But I highly recommend taking your own, since manufacturer’s photos usually suck. Plus, by taking your own, you can get different angles and unique shots. ORGANIZATION Spain WhatsApp Number List Screenshot showing Shopify product settings Product type is the type of product (i.e., phone, tea, toiletry, etc.) you sell. Product types are one way to create product collections, which we’ll talk about in a second. Vendor is used for shipping and inventory purposes. Unless you’re integrating a vendor API, you don’t need to worry about this. (If you don’t know

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