The store’s password is in the security section. You’ll need to disable the password so anyone can visit your site, but we don’t want to do that until your store is ready to publish, so we’ll come back to this later. REGISTERING YOUR DOMAIN WITH SHOPIFY To register your domain name South Africa WhatsApp Number List with Shopify instead of a third-party, here’s how:[*] From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Domains. Click Buy new domain. Enter the domain name you want to buy. Available extensions and South Africa WhatsApp Number List their prices will be listed. Extension options include common extensions (like .com or .biz), country extensions (like .ca or, and premium

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extensions (such as .blackfriday). Prices vary, so review the options carefully. Click Buy next to the domain you want to buy. And you’re done! You now have your South Africa WhatsApp Number List domain name. Make sure you go to your Domain settings and choose the domain you purchased to be your default URL. Screenshot showing Shopify domain name setting 6. CREATE YOUR ESSENTIAL PAGES Now South Africa WhatsApp Number List that your settings are configured, there are four more pages every ecommerce store should have: A Contact Us page An About Us page A Shipping Policy page CONTACT US PAGE Creating the contact page is easy. Click Add page, then in the drop-down menu under

South Africa WhatsApp Number List

the Template section, choose “”. Screenshot showing Shopify template settings You can leave it like this, but I prefer to add some explaining text. For South Africa WhatsApp Number List example, I might write something like this: Hey there! The team at A Matcha Made In Heaven loves hearing from our readers and customers. If you have a question about your order, need help with something, or even just South Africa WhatsApp Number List want to drop us a note about how you like our matcha, fill out the form below! We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If you’re in need of immediate assistance, please call us at 555-555-5555. You want to touch on what they can talk to you about,

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