If this is a side-hustle on top of a full-time job, it’s not uncommon to work well into the night. If it’s your main job, you’ll likely need financial support as you start.) Beyond these Poland WhatsApp Number List relationship questions, you’ll also want to determine your goal. Do you want this to replace Poland WhatsApp Number List your job, or is it a hobby? How much time do you have to spend on this project? What Poland WhatsApp Number List about money — do you have a budget to hire a designer, or will you bootstrap? (If you’re bootstrapping, it will require a lot more of your time.)

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How casual or serious do you want the tone of your business to be? What are some companies whose tone you admire? Consider these for your about us page, as a lot of people Poland WhatsApp Number List get hung up on that and it will eat into your hour if you let it! Write your answers down or put them Poland WhatsApp Number List in our PDF worksheet. Shopify Tutorial PDF (Pre-Launch Worksheet) After thinking about Poland WhatsApp Number List the logistics and your goal, the next thing to think about is your product collections or categories. What’s the best way to organize everything?

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Create a mindmap, like this: Picture showing Shopify planning in sketch PLANNING CHECKLIST Before you set up your store, make sure you: Write your income goal. Poland WhatsApp Number List Speak with your spouse and/or business partner to hash out the logistics. Decide if this will be a small Poland WhatsApp Number List venture or your main business (either is OK). Determine how much time and Poland WhatsApp Number List money you have to give this project. Create your website mindmap for how things will be organized. At this point, you have two options: Follow the step-by-step video

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