multiple people on your team use the same Senegal WhatsApp Number List account if/when you start hiring), I suggest getting a G Suite account. Enter the Legal name of your business if you have one, and edit your address if needed. Next up is the Standards and formats section, where you set Senegal WhatsApp Number List your timezone and standard information like weight units. In the Prefix box, I like to add something in case I open multiple stores. I usually make this the abbreviation of my store’s name (i.e., MMH for “A Matcha Made in Heaven”). Don’t Senegal WhatsApp Number List forget to click Save! PAYMENT

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PROVIDER SETTINGS In the payment provider settings, click the Complete account setup button to configure your payment gateway so customers can use credit cards to purchase. Screenshot Senegal WhatsApp Number List showing Shopify accept payments settings Fill out everything on this page. For the Product details box, write “Retailer of [your product category here]”. For example, “Retailer of Matcha Tea,” or “Retailer of health products” if you prefer to go broader. Next, Statement Descriptor is what your customers will see on their billing statement. Make this your store or company name. Fill out the remaining information and click Complete account setup.

Senegal WhatsApp Number List

PayPal should be set up automatically by Shopify. If not, set it up now. You can add other payment providers later, such as Apple Pay, but it’s not necessary now. CHECKOUT SETTINGS Under your checkout settings, switch Customer accounts to “optional,” and customers can create an Senegal WhatsApp Number List account but aren’t required to. Screenshot showing Shopify customer accounts settings Next to Form options, check “Require first and last name.” Screenshot showing Shopify form options settings Finally, Email marketing, I recommend checking “Preselect the sign-up option” to market to more of your customers. Screenshot showing Shopify email

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