what that is, you don’t need to worry about this.) The Collections settings allow you to manually add this product to a collection of products, helping customers browse Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List your inventory. We’ll talk more about collections in Step 8. Tags are a way to organize products into collections and improve your site’s search function. If I tag something as “Tea” and the customer searches “Tea” in the Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List search field on my site, everything tagged “Tea” will show. PRICING Pricing is straightforward. Your Price is the price customers will pay. Your Compare at price will be shown crossed out next to your actual price to use price anchoring, a conversion

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optimization strategy. Screenshot showing Shopify product pricing setting Check out our guide on how to price a product for more help. INVENTORY Your Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List inventory settings help with keeping track of inventory (shocking, I know!). You can create a custom SKU for your products if you want. Otherwise, you can leave these settings alone. Screenshot showing Shopify product inventory Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List setting SHIPPING Your shipping settings only need to be adjusted if you’re shipping your products using the USPS Discounted Rates for Shopify. (If you’re not sure if you need this, you probably don’t.) Otherwise, you can leave this alone. Screenshot

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showing Shopify product shipping settings VARIANTS This is where you add variations of your products like size or color. For example, if you’re selling T-shirts, you Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List can add size (S, M, L) and color (red, green, blue). Screenshot showing Shopify product variants setting META TITLE & DESCRIPTION You know what these are — the title and description that show up in search results pages. Refer to the product page best practices guide linked below for help. Screenshot showing Shopify product SEO Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List setting Pro Tip: Want some more help optimizing your product page for maximum sales? Check out our product page best practices guide.

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