according to hundreds of millions of email campaign analyzed by MailChimp.[*] Screenshot showing analytics of email open rates An abnormally low open rate, Venezuela WhatsApp Number List depending on your industry, would be around 0-10%. Anything under 10% should worry you and may potentially warrant cleaning your list. But if you follow the advice in this checklist, improving your open rate is part of the process, Venezuela WhatsApp Number List so you don’t need to do anything in this step. 3. YOU HAVEN’T SENT ANYTHING IN A WHILE One reason for a poor open rate is your subscribers forgot who you are, so they deleted your email or reported it as spam.

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That’s what happens when you build up an email list passively with opt-in forms, don’t send them anything for a few months or a year, then decide to start emailing. (We’ve probably all done this at some point. I know I have!) If that’s the case for you, you should probably clean your list. Venezuela WhatsApp Number List First, run your email list through a tool like DataValidation or EmailListVerify. This will remove old, inactive, or fake email addresses. Screenshot showing email deliverability result Next, send an email asking your list if they still want to receive emails. This will significantly reduce your email list, but it will ensure higher open rates and that you’re not sending

to anyone who doesn’t want your emails. To keep as many email addresses as possible, make sure you remind them of why they’re on your list and the benefit they get from your emails. Here’s an example: Subject: Do you still want [benefit]? “Hey, [name]! [Name] here from Venezuela WhatsApp Number List [company]! I’m emailing you because you [signed up for our opt-in/newsletter] and we haven’t sent you anything in a while. Sorry about that! We’ve been busy [improving our product, whatever]. Do you still want [benefit of being on your email list (such as “better Google rankings”)]? If so, just click this link (send to a thank-you page) so we know to

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