Deliverability Checklist 1. YOU DIDN’T GET PERMISSION TO EMAIL THEM According to the new GDPR laws, you absolutely must get permission to email your subscribers. This means you can’t buy an email list and start sending emails to them. It’s illegal and unethical. There are other reasons USA WhatsApp Number List buying a list is a bad idea (like getting lots of fake, old, or bogus email addresses), so this is a USA WhatsApp Number List no-go. But this also applies to anyone who opted into your list through your site. Even if you captured their email on your site, you may still not have their permission, depending on your opt-in form wording and if they’re an EU citizen.

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For example, if you offer a content upgrade in exchange for an EU citizen’s email information, but don’t explicitly say they need to subscribe to get it, you technically don’t have permission to continue to email them under GDPR. Screenshot showing a good and bad example of popup On the left, we USA WhatsApp Number List have the History Channel’s opt-in which not only converts at an amazing 92% but explicitly gets USA WhatsApp Number List permission to send further emails. The opt-in on the right is not only bad (they use the big, bold headline to say basically nothing), but it also doesn’t get explicit consent. In the U.S. and outside the EU, if you don’t get your subscribers explicit consent to

continue emailing them on the opt-in form, it’s good practice to let them know what future emails to expect in the first email. And give them an easy way to opt-out if they don’t want to get any future emails from you, to abide by CAN-SPAM laws. Here’s an example of an email we send to USA WhatsApp Number List people who subscribe to content upgrades on the Sumo blog: Screenshot showing content upgrade USA WhatsApp Number List email 2. YOUR OPEN RATES SUCK Assuming you have permission to email your subscribers, the next thing to check is your open rates. Abnormally low open rates can trigger spam filters. The average open rate across all industries is 20.81%,

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