keep sending you emails! Otherwise, click here to unsubscribe (unsubscribe link) and stop learning all our cool tips and tricks. Here’s hoping this isn’t the Vietnam WhatsApp Number List last time we talk! Cheers, [Name]” I mentioned a thank-you page in that email. This could be as simple as a page that says “Thank you! Vietnam WhatsApp Number List You’ll hear from us soon.” But if you want to squeeze more out of it, I recommend using it as a sort of reintroduction to your brand and what you do. Talk about what to expect (when you’ll send emails), how to keep in touch (social media channels), and even include some links to your best blog posts, videos, or products.

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This will help improve your email engagement, and thus lower spam rates. Note: If people don’t click the thank-you page link OR the unsubscribe link, I would send one more follow-up email after a week or so with the same links. If they still don’t click either, simply remove them from your list. 4. Vietnam WhatsApp Number List YOU’RE USING SPAM TRIGGER KEYWORDS The quickest way to the spam folder is by using spam trigger words, like “free”, “lowest price”, “buy”, etc. I’m not saying using one or two of these words will get an email flagged for spam. But using too many too often certainly will. Check out Automational’s list of hundreds of spam

words to see if you’re using any.[*] The easiest way to check against that list is to use the find function (Control or Command + F) search for any keywords you’re unsure about. Alternatively, you can run your emails through a spam check tool like mail-tester to see how your email fares Vietnam WhatsApp Number List before hitting “send”.[*] Screenshot showing email deliverability checklist It will give you a score out of 10 (10 being the best) as well as a line-by-line checklist to improve your deliverability. 5. YOU USED A BIG IMAGE WITH LITTLE OR NO TEXT Another thing that flags spam is a big image with little or no text. You might think, “But I’ve seen tons of emails with lots

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