ready for wine” in its email. Screenshot of Winc Using the first person is a great way to engage shoppers as this copy puts the shopper in the driver’s seat and clearly shows them what they’ll get if they click the button. First person can increase conversions too. In one landing page test, Unbounce UK WhatsApp Number List found that a simple change from “Get your free 30-day trial” to “Get my free 30-day trial” sent UK WhatsApp Number List conversions through the roof — jumping up by 90%.[*] 5. REMIND SHOPPERS ABOUT OFFERS A study from VWO found that 58% of shoppers are motivated to return to store websites when they receive messages offering discounts.[*] Screenshot

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showing survey results of shopper Bonobos takes advantage of this by reminding potential first-time customers of a 20% discount on the items in the cart:[*] Screenshot of Bonobos Similarly, Dot & Bo uses a strikethrough and bright red text to remind the shopper that they can get a good UK WhatsApp Number List deal on Dot & Bo:[*] Screenshot of Dot & Bo Knowing that unexpected shipping costs are also the number one reason for cart abandonment makes your email a great place to remind shoppers if you offer free UK WhatsApp Number List shipping. Brooklinen uses free shipping to encourage shoppers back to their carts.[*] Screenshot of Booklinen This email also uses scarcity

, saying “before your items are sold out” to encourage immediate action. 6. TEST, TEST, TEST Even the BEST marketers won’t get their emails perfect without a little experimentation. In fact, you could argue that no email is ever perfect. Email marketing should be a game of constant UK WhatsApp Number List improvement — tweaking copy, images, colors, CTAs, and more to keep your conversion rates moving in UK WhatsApp Number List the right direction. For example, Huckberry sends multiple variations of its abandoned cart email:[*] Screenshot of multiple variations of Huckberry Variation A: Uses the subject line: “Free Shipping On Your Huckberry Order.” Has the CTA button

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