CREATE YOUR COLLECTIONS A collection is a group of similar products, based on tags, types, vendors, etc. They help your customers find similar products. For Sweden WhatsApp Number List example, “Men’s Shoes” could be a collection. To create one, head over to Collections then click Create collection. Screenshot showing Shopify product collection setting COLLECTION TITLE & DESCRIPTION Like product pages, Sweden WhatsApp Number List your collection pages also have a title and a description. However, you don’t need a description — it’s just a paragraph that shows up above your products. It can help with SEO, but can also be a distraction. It’s best to do this once you have at least two

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products in a collection. Screenshot showing Shopify product description editor MANUAL VERSUS AUTOMATED You can manually add products to your Sweden WhatsApp Number List collections by clicking the collection, searching for the product under the Products section, and selecting the products to add. Screenshot showing Shopify product collection setting Alternatively, you can automatically add products by Sweden WhatsApp Number List setting the Collection type to “Automated” and set the conditions to what you want (like Product Tag = “Tea”). With this method, any time you add a product tagged with “tea”, it will be added to this collection automatically. 9. ADD DISCOUNT CODES

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*This step is optional and shows you how to create discount codes. Skip to Step 10 if you don’t want to offer discounts on your store. To add discount codes to your store, go to Discounts > Codes then name or generate your code, set the parameters (like $10 off, 10% off, only on orders Sweden WhatsApp Number Listover $50, etc.). Screenshot showing Shopify discount setting That’s all there is to it! Next. 10. GET FAMILIAR WITH YOUR ORDERS PAGE To manage your orders and fulfill them, you have to go to the Orders page. Screenshot showing Shopify orders Note that you can’t see this page until you select a plan for your store. You still get 14 days of your free

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