Not sure what type of list post to create? Find a Colombia Email Address content analysis tool like BuzzSumo (nope, we’re not brothers) and type in a popular blog in your niche’s URL. Let’s say you were in the travel niche: BuzzSumo You can then filter the results by published year and sort by total shares. (You need a Colombia Email Address paid plan to do this.) These are proven topics in your niche for garnishing attention, shares, Colombia Email Address and likely traffic. Don’t copy them, but use them as inspiration for your list post. Here are some prompts: How (ie X Colombia Email Address Ways to Prepare For Your Solo Trip) Who (ie X Best Travel Credit Card Bonuses in 2017) When (ie X Months for the Best Travel Deals)

 Explanatory post Warning post

Where (ie X Little-Known Travel Deal Websites That’ll Save Colombia Email Address You A Ton of Money) Why (ie X Reasons To Start Travel Hacking in 2017) Apply those prompts to each topic (in this case, solo travel, travel credit cards, travel deals, travel hacking) for dozens of list post ideas. 3. Explanatory post The Colombia Email Address explanatory post is #3 on the top 10 types of blog posts to create, driving over 20,000,000 Colombia Email Address hits over the 27 top sites we analyzed. In this blog post idea, break something complex down and explain it so your readers Colombia Email Address can understand. For example, this article on Big Think uses the explanatory post to go into the science of a surprisingly common

Colombia Email Address

question: explanatory post by Big Think Another great Colombia Email Address example is an explanatory article on Dean’s blog:[*] explanatory article on Dean Yeong’s blog In these blog posts, you’re educating your audience and setting yourself apart as an authority in your niche. These explanatory posts are linkable assets Colombia Email Address (meaning other bloggers and resources in your niche are likely to link to you as Colombia Email Address value-adds for their readers) which also happen to be evergreen, cornerstone content. Trying to figure out what to explain Colombia Email Address but coming up short? I’ve got you. Pull up a subreddit in your niche. Let’s say you’re in the weight loss niche. I’ll use /r/loseit as an example.

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