In the form editor when creating your form, go to Mozambique Email List Design and select a design from our high-converting popup templates. Screenshot of steps to select design from high-converting popup templates in Sumo All you need to do is change up the copy of the popup. Easy! TARGET VISITORS Mozambique Email List ON A SPECIFIC PAGE Advanced page targeting allows you to show your exit Mozambique Email List popup only to highly targeted visitors. Instead of annoying your visitors with a one-size-fits-all popup, you’re showing Mozambique Email List an offer that’s relevant to the content on that page, raising your conversion rate. For example, we show this custom exit popup (to drive signups) only to

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readers on our best email subject lines blog post. Mozambique Email List Screenshot of Sumo exit popup To target visitors on a specific page, go to the form editor, in Visibility > Display Rules, click the Add New Rule button. Screenshot of steps to set up exit popup in Sumo Select Show (or Not Show if you want Mozambique Email List to hide the popup from visitors on a specific page). In URLs > Paths, add the slug of your Mozambique Email List targeted page. Screenshot of steps to set up exit popup in Sumo TARGET VISITORS BY REFERRER DOMAIN Mozambique Email List Another advanced targeting hack is to show your exit popup based on your visitor’s referral domain. For example, you could create a custom exit

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popup for visitors who come to your site from Mozambique Email List Product Hunt. Screenshot of exit popup based on visitor This strategy is effective when you’re getting traffic from guest posting, webinars, or any form of partnership. To target visitors by referrer domain, go to your Visibility settings and add a Mozambique Email List new display rule. Select Show, then in Referrer > Referrer Domain Names, add the Mozambique Email List domain name you want to target. Screenshot of steps to set up exit popup in Sumo USE A COUNTDOWN TIMER A Mozambique Email List countdown timer creates urgency and scarcity. It works especially well when you’re promoting a limited-time offer. Go to your form editor, in Design, hover

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