Without a doubt, sports are extremely important in Mexico . Proof of this are the hundreds of thousands of searches. Those are recorded on the web every day referring to them. According to google zeitgeist, this was what Mexicans searched for. The most during 2013 in terms of sports. Related articles:Mexican soccer final generates 10 tt’sinfographic. The Mexican soccer final in number Mexican soccer final will be broadcast live in 60 countries . Within the category of sports in general, that is, events or personalities. The first place went to the fight “ canelo vs Mayweather ”. Where the boxer from Guadalajara lost undefeated against the American.

In Second Place Was the Welshman Gareth Bale

They caused a stir last summer by becoming the most expensive signing in football history. Confederations cup a tournament that serves as a prelude. The other 7 most searched sporting events in Mexico were. Mexico vs nigeria raúl jímenez márquez vs. Bradley and Finland Email List
under world cup showing the importance of soccer. Since only 3 searches were not related to football. México. La búsqueda de información online es una de las actividades más populares entre los internautas a nivel mundial. Lo cual provoca que sitios como google o bing tengan un lugar privilegiado entre los usuarios.

Finland Email List

Recent Data Published by Intel Assure That Every

The minute there are more. Then 2 million searches around the world, while particularly in Mexico the search for information through variou. Online platforms is ranked as. According to amici estimates. Related articles: Facebook confirmed what a report by the wall street journal had anticipated. It will start showing videos of advertisements in the news feed of users from this week. And the debut will be in charge of the trailer for the movie divergent. International facebook confirmed what an article.

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