opened an email to the number who clicked on a Thailand Email List link in that email. CTOR reflects the quality of your email content. A good CTOR means your email copy or offer is convincing enough to get your subscribers to click your email links. It can be measured with the following equation: # of Clicks ÷ # Thailand Email List of Opens × 100 (to get a percentage) = CTOR CTOR VS. CTR: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE & Thailand Email List WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT? CTOR shouldn’t be confused with CTR (clickthrough rate). The clickthrough rate shows how Thailand Email List many people clicked on an email link out of the total emails sent.

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The click-to-open rate shows how many people Thailand Email List clicked on an email link out of the number of email opens from that mailing, giving an indication of the relevance of the links to the subset of people who read the email. This can get confusing because, at first glance, a high CTR seems good (and it is). Thailand Email List However, it’s possible to have a low CTR but a high CTOR. Let me explain… Say you have Thailand Email List two emails: A and B. Email A has a CTR of 5% and a CTOR of 50%. Email B has a CTR of 10% and a CTOR of 20%. Sent Thailand Email List Open Click CTR CTOR Email A 1,000 100 50 5% 50% Email B 1,000 500 100 10% 20% If we look purely at CTR, email B is the better email.

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But since email A has a much higher click-to-open rate, Thailand Email List it actually performs better for engaged subscribers than email B. So if you improve the open rate of email A through a better subject line or sending at a better time, that email should have a much higher CTR than email B. The problem is that Thailand Email List email A just didn’t get opened as much as email B, and if we look purely at CTR, we’re misled Thailand Email List as to which email is better for our business. So how do you improve CTOR? Let’s take a look. 5 TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR Thailand Email List CTOR Now that you understand why CTOR is such an important metric, I bet you want to improve yours.

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