kinds of masterpieces that you can edit digitally. Including a cool tool to get creative and to edit old art into something new. 10. Museums More Namibia Phone Number List museums? Pay a virtual visit to the Van Gogh Museum, the Guggenheim in New York, or see the mummies in the British Museum in London. 11. Stop motion video Suitable for young and old: make a stop-motion movie.

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There are all kinds of fun apps such as Stopmotion Studio where children can tell their own story with puppets via a comic or (cartoon) movie. For example from clay or from LEGO. You create a stop-motion by taking a lot of photos. In an app, you paste those photos one after the other and make a video of them. Children come up with their own story, build a set, and experiment with the order of photos.

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fantasize, and create. Extra tip: use YouTube as a source of inspiration. 12. Ko the Cracker Play Ko de Kraker, is a fun game for aspiring programmers. What level do they get to? 13. Online Scavenger Hunt Web issues are online quests that allow children to practice their information skills. Themes range from spring to wild animals, and from Escher to Anne Frank.

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