Discussion – something Rutte is now also behind. But the position of a leader is only strengthened by openness and commitment. New leaders listen, are transparent, and Saudi Arabia Phone Number List are open to criticism. 2. Everything used to be better Trump shamelessly plays on the resistance to change of traditionally oriented populations. This resistance also exists within organizations, of course.

Times an Unbiased Flexible

Employees try to protect their achievements and position, sometimes even against their better judgment. In good times this was a hindrance to innovation. It also caused high turnover among those young, ambitious newcomers mentioned earlier. In the current turbulent times, in which adjustments and changes are inevitable, this longing for the past is perilous.

Fact-driven Approach Is Essential

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Business as usual is no longer an option. Innovation is a must. The challenge is to mobilize the knowledge and skills of experienced employees for the crucial innovation drive. That while uncertainty encourages (groups of) people to turn inward, consciously or unconsciously under the motto ‘knowledge is power. Cross-team working groups around important themes can help to counteract this.

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