I received another email to organize a call: Screenshot Myanmar Email List of email from SimilarWeb And an email letting me know my trial was about to expire: Screenshot of email from SimilarWeb This might seem like quite a long sequence over a 14-day period, but with higher-cost products, sometimes more Myanmar Email List touchpoints are needed. HOW TO CREATE AN EMAIL WORKFLOW 1. SET A GOAL Any email Myanmar Email List workflow should start with a clear, measurable goal — something you can use to measure the success of the workflow. For example, Myanmar Email List you might want to: Onboard new trialers and help them convert to customers.

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Encourage new blog subscribers to become Myanmar Email List engaged readers. Once you have a goal in mind, think about how you will measure it: Onboard new trialers and help them convert to customers: measured by conversion rates of new trialers. Encourage new blog subscribers to become engaged Myanmar Email List readers: measured by open and click rates. And now you need to set a target. So if I was working Myanmar Email List to welcome new blog subscribers, I might check open rate benchmarks to give myself a clear target to aim form. 2. Myanmar Email List DECIDE ON A TRIGGER The trigger is the action or data point that enters someone into this workflow.

Myanmar Email List

For example: A subscriber not opening any of Myanmar Email List your emails for 90 days [data point] might trigger a reactivation workflow. A new customer signing up [action] might trigger a getting started workflow. The trigger must be a logical step into the workflow for the recipient. For example, if someone signs Myanmar Email List up to a lead magnet, emailing them about using your product might not make much sense Myanmar Email List to them. Carefully decide on your trigger and then plan your workflow accordingly. 3. PLAN THE WORKFLOW Myanmar Email List Next, you need to figure out the steps in your workflow. One of the best ways to do this is to sketch it out, so you can see the journey from a

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