Culture includes the beliefs, attitudes, values ​​and customs shared by a group of people. One generation transmits it to the next through speech, literature and institutions. While our culture Building Successful Multicultural Teams defines how we perceive individual objects and Venezuela Phone Number situations, it also encompasses how we view the world and make sense of the universe. Our interactions, and our desire to work with others, are all influenced by Generally. When we talk about diversity. We are referring to how others differ from ourselves.

In Addition to Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, and

Building Successful Multicultural Teams In addition to ethnicity, nationality, race, and gender, diversity also applies to socioeconomic, demographic, Building Successful Multicultural Teams psycho graphic, appearance, disability, and sexual orientation characteristics. Thus, diversity implies that we can be completely different from others whom we Venezuela Phone Number have to rely on daily and with whom we attend meetings and conduct business. This difference can lead to unforeseen and unmanageable conflicts if we refuse to try to understand each other. In multicultural teams, the diversity of the  members has an impact on the team’s participation, reflection, discussions and decision-making.

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Differences and Conflicts Most people prefer to work

Differences and conflicts most people prefer to work with people like them. Especially when we Venezuela Phone Number share cultural values, a common language, similar experiences and common standards.Working with people who share our culture creates .A sense of familiarity and anticipation of expectations .Building Successful Multicultural Teams.Terms of goals, behaviors, language, and verbal and non-verbal communication. However, when we team up with people who share our goal but differ in background. Expertise, life .Languages, Venezuela Phone Number and cultures.We can be so at odds that conflict and chaos develop.Building Successful Multicultural Teams

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