something they really care about. You want to get Pakistan Email List them to open your email by using an interesting subject line so they can be put back on your active subscriber list. STEP #4: REMOVE FINAL INACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS FROM YOUR LIST (BUT SAVE THEM) After your list is cleaned and you’ve discovered Pakistan Email List who your active and inactive subscribers are, you’ll want to completely stop sending emails Pakistan Email List to anyone who didn’t respond to the re-engagement campaign. To do this, Pakistan Email List re-upload the cleaned spreadsheet you just created and segment them into a new list (such as “active subscribers”).

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In ConvertKit, go to the Subscribers tab, Pakistan Email List click +Create a Segment, then create another filter for “Cold Subscribers.” Screenshot of ConvertKit Export those subscribers to a CSV the same way you did before, then select them all again and click the Bulk Actions dropdown, and click Pakistan Email List Delete. Make sure you save your inactive subscribers in a spreadsheet or notepad file! You can Pakistan Email List use this list to send them retargeting ads for your content. For example, you can upload your email list to Facebook or Pakistan Email List Google Ads and display your new content or new product/service offerings to try to re-engage them in a way that isn’t a direct email.

Pakistan Email List

Screenshot of uploading email list to Facebook or Pakistan Email List Google Ads STEP #5: MANUALLY REMOVE ANY CANNED-RESPONSE EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS (OPTIONAL) If Pakistan Email List you really want a clean list, one final is removing any email subscribers who Pakistan Email List reply with canned-response emails. However, this step is extremely time-consuming, so it may not be worth your time. Doing it is Pakistan Email List fairly simple. Just go to your reply-to inbox and look for any replies that sound robotic or Pakistan Email List automated. Screenshot of manually removing any canned-response email subscribers Things like “AutoReply,” “Thanks for your message!” or anything that simply doesn’t make sense.

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