Religion 27.62% Restaurant 19.77% Iraq Email List Restaurant and Venue 20.39% Retail 18.39% Social Networks and Online Communities 21.06% Software and Web App 21.29% Sports 24.57% Telecommunications 20.92% Travel and Transportation 20.44% Vitamin Supplements 15.03% Now you know the Iraq Email List average for your industry, all you have to do is calculate your email open rate, then compare it to Iraq Email List your industry average. HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR OPEN RATE Calculating your open rate is easy. Promise. Your open rate = the Iraq Email List number of emails opened / the number of emails sent (excluding emails that bounced). Most email providers

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crunch these numbers for you, but it’s nice to know Iraq Email List the math behind how it works before comparing yourself to the industry average and starting your optimizing. If you’re using MailChimp, you can find your open rate on the email campaign dashboard: In ConvertKit, you can find it under the Broadcasts Iraq Email List tab in the Menu. Click View Report to see the open rate for each email broadcast sent: In Iraq Email List Sumo, you can find it under the Email tab in the menu on the right side of each email you’ve sent: Note: Sumo now lets you collect and Iraq Email List send emails for free here. Now that you know your email open rate for one email, all you need to do is

Iraq Email List

Add up the open rates from your last 10 emails. Iraq Email List Divide by 10 to get your average open rate. Note: Don’t cherry-pick your best performing emails to skew your true average. Now you know what your recent overall average open rate is; it’s time to improve it. Yup, even if you think it’s pretty good. Why? Iraq Email List Because here’s what an additional 10% open rate could do for your business: If your Iraq Email List average order value is $1,000, you’d earn an extra $2,500 from making a few tweaks to increase your open rates. So let’s get into the 11 ways to improve Iraq Email List your email open rates to start making more money for your business. 11 REASONS YOUR OPEN RATES

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