At the end of 2016, we averaged 40,000 Malawi Email Lists leads PER MONTH. These were brand-new double opt-in email subscribers we could pitch our products to. Looking back, that volume was insane. The shameful part is I set us up for a brutal 2017. While 2016 was glorious, 2017 was one Malawi Email Lists giant fire drill. In January 2017, our total traffic started dropping, all from losses in search traffic. By Malawi Email Lists mid-February, we were down by about 40%. Screenshot of traffic analytics from Sumo We then spent the next two years scrambling and never got back to our traffic levels before the drop.

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While I had my team aggressively driving Malawi Email Lists conversions, we let a bunch of site debt pile up: Thousands of landing pages, many of which were broken, had never been taken down Duplicate content across multiple subdomains Lots of blog posts outside our main categories Hundreds Malawi Email Lists of thin blog posts that needed to be removed I knew these were problems, but I never bothered to Malawi Email Lists fix them. I figured we could come back to it later. Then in January 2017, Google decided it was time to collect on that debt and lowered all our search rankings across the site. Up until I left my role at I Will Teach You To Be Rich in December, 2018, we never hit the all year long.

Malawi Email Lists

same lead volume we had in 2016. We Malawi Email Lists took too hard of a hit on traffic, our conversion wins couldn’t cover the gap. The drop in traffic is my shameful secret. Malawi Email Lists While I can sit here and brag about those leads of 2016, I have to remind myself this same program allowed a brutal Google hit to take place. Because of how badly my program did in 2017, I wouldn’t build that same growth program again. I’d do things entirely Malawi Email Lists different today. First, I doubt I’ll ever focus so heavily on A/B tests again. Unless you have a user-driven business model like Facebook or Uber, conversion wins can only take you so far.

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