Why not do that online? 1 in 4 Dutch people cannot view your website by default. It is estimated Costa Rica Phone Number List that 25% of the population in the Netherlands has a disability. This means that as many as one in four Dutch people cannot view your website by default. Nevertheless, the design of websites is often based on the average internet user.

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This not only causes frustration for many users but also higher bounce rates. The British Click-Away Pound Report 2019 shows that 69% of people with disabilities immediately leave a website when it is inaccessible. Scheme with the number of people with disabilities in the Netherlands. WCAG Guidelines In order to ensure that everyone in society can participate digitally, standards.

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Costa Rica Phone Number List

These are the  Content Accessibility Guidelines and they create the non-profit organization World Wide Web Consortium  The current version currently in effect is the There are three different levels to meet these guidelines. Digital accessibility is mandatory for all government and semi-government institutions.

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