Even if the management were omniscient, they would still not succeed. Moreover, employees no longer just want to listen. Employee engagement is  Russia Phone Number List at an all-time low. According to Gallup, only employees is engaged in their work, slightly less than the proportion actively working against it. The rise of the gig economy, with millions of freelancers and low-paid flex workers, is an important reason for this.

Etween Different Departments

New Generation Another factor is the fact that new generations of employees are entering the labor market, such as millennials. They are much less driven by salary, status, and job security (the old motivational instruments of management). In a survey by LinkedIn, 40% of organizations indicate that employee experience is important to retain new generations. A strong leader.

Groundbreaking Innovation

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does not tolerate contradiction will quickly see his (young, flex-working) employees walk out the door. New leaders listen, are transparent, and are open to criticism. Communication tools in organizations should support this new leadership. By giving all employees, including those flex workers, the opportunity to express their opinions and participate in the discussion. Of course, not everything has to be the subject of

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