13 exact tactics to improve your newsletter Target Bolivia Email Lists Audience: Business owners and email marketers Our main audiences are business owners and email marketers, particularly those running a business online. Our emails are short and to the point, with multiple CTAs via links and a button, and Bolivia Email Lists always make it clear what the value is. 2. BRIAN DEAN’S SEO EMAILS B2B Email Marketing: Bolivia Email Lists Screenshot of Brian Dean Subject line: SEO Expert Target Audience: Business owners Brian Dean targets business owners Bolivia Email Lists who want to learn how to master SEO. His emails are even shorter and simpler than ours at Sumo, and he gets right to the


point. The very first sentence is a question about what you — Bolivia Email Lists the reader — desire. Then he includes a follow-up question to catch people who think to themselves “I’m already an SEO expert.” 3. CHRIS VON WILPERT’S CONTENT MARKETING EMAILS B2B Email Marketing: Screenshot of Bolivia Email Lists Chris von Wilpert Subject line: How to build a content calendar Target Audience: Business Bolivia Email Lists owners and marketing professionals Chris Von Wilpert targets business owners and marketing professionals Bolivia Email Lists who want to use content marketing to grow their business. Anyone who studies content marketing knows how important a content calendar is; he makes it

Bolivia Email Lists

even more desirable by stating he uses this template to Bolivia Email Lists grow sites to over 100k+ monthly traffic. I also like how he writes, “Inside you’ll learn” with some specific bullet points of what you’ll get when you click the link. 4. KAI DAVIS’S FREELANCER NEWSLETTER B2B Email Marketing: Bolivia Email Lists Screenshot of Kai Davis Subject line: Why use many keys when few keys do trick? Target Bolivia Email Lists Audience: Freelancers and small agency owners Kai Davis targets freelancers and small agency owners with his daily email Bolivia Email Lists newsletter.[*] His emails are longer than other examples on this list because he uses the mini-blog-post style.

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