(AKA BUYERS LIST) One custom popup has added 25,000 highly qualified emails to AppSumo’s email list (and continues to add more every day): Screenshot of analytics Chile Phone Number List from Chile Phone Number List Sumo To do it, AppSumo shows this Sumo Welcome Mat to visitors who aren’t on their email list: Screenshot of Sumo Because the offer is to “get kick-ass software deals” and AppSumo sells software deals to entrepreneurs, it’s the Chile Phone Number List perfect offer to build a highly qualified list of people who are interested in what AppSumo sells. Golden Nugget: When you make your Welcome Mat, make an offer directly related to what you sell.

Building: Setting Up a Synergistic List-Building System

You might get fewer signups, but you’ll build a highly qualified list of buyers you can sell to using email marketing. Watch Ilona explain how AppSumo’s Welcome Mat works below: When you set up a Welcome Mat like this on your site, I recommend you add a few display rules to stop it from showing to: Email Chile Phone Number List subscribers (so people on your email list don’t get annoyed). Mobile devices (so Chile Phone Number List Google doesn’t penalize your site). Checkout page (so people trying to buy don’t get distracted). Pricing page (so people with purchase intent don’t get distracted). Screenshot of Display Rules for Welcome Mat Use the same display rules as above inside

Chile Phone Number List

your Sumo account for best results. If you want to see how AppSumo grows their email list using giveaways and other list-building tactics that get QUALIFIED leads on their email list, Chile Phone Number List download AppSumo’s 8-figure marketing playbook. With a growing, healthy email list, you’re ready to use these four email marketing campaigns to sell your products. 4 EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS MAKING Chile Phone Number List APPSUMO MONEY RIGHT NOW (#3 MADE APPSUMO $250,000 IN ONE YEAR) Want the 80/20 of making money with Chile Phone Number List email marketing? Below are the four set-and-forget email campaigns (AKA flows) you can copy to make revenue from the

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