The consequences of the pandemic on event marketing: characteristics, advantages and hypotheses on the future of online events.We all agree that the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown experience have undermined our certainties. In addition to drastically disrupting our habits. Numerous sectors have been affected in the same way, which have aimed at a necessary and urgent reinvention in order to survive. Within this reinvention, online events dominated. The impact of ‘stopping live events’ Some realities, such as that of culture and art, have not encountered excessive difficulties. They immediately succeeded in devising creative and effective methods to face the crisis.

For Example, Providing Virtual Tours in Major Museums

For example, providing virtual tours in major museums and exclusive content. Other realities, on the contrary, have suffered more the consequences deriving from forced isolation. In particular, in the world of marketing and communication, what has changed radically is the organization of events. At least temporarily. Live events According to , in the weeks of the most stringent and during the phase of the Indonesia WhatsApp Number List first easing of the anti-contagion measures, a sector that generates 65.5 billion a year was given up . This only in Italy. The phenomenon had a direct impact on GDP of at least 36 billion. Those involved in organizing live events, therefore, had to adapt to the profound change in rules and habits. Just as it happened for the public to which the events are . In this context, digital acceleration has been the driving force.
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It has completely changed the approach to events

It has completely changed the approach to events and made everyone the protagonist of a new era. An era made of virtual and hybrid experiences that try to preserve (and even amplify) all the characteristics of the events in presence. At this point, the question that arises spontaneously is: in what way? What online events consist of The first online events date back to the last decade of the last century. Yet, for a year and a half now, they have been profitable and, above all, essential for many companies wishing to continue communicating with their audiences. Instead of a physical location, an online event is a meeting organized online. They range from one-way webinars to both internal and client meeting sessions. They also consist of training meetings, conventions, conferences and large-scale congresses. Participants and speakers can reach up to a thousand.

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