The goal of this email is exactly the same as Snagit’s — get people to start using the product. Adobe does this by using a call to action “Create something now. We’ll show you how” and a “Getting Started” link. By keeping the focus on the next step, you won’t overwhelm or distract your new reader. Philippines WhatsApp Number List When this happens, they’ll be more inclined to take the next step. INSPIRATIONAL EMAILS Another way to nudge your audience into taking action is to give them the inspiration to do so. Sometimes, all it takes is showing your Philippines WhatsApp Number List audience the tools they need to get started. EXAMPLE #9: MICHAELS Michaels does a great job of this in their summer-themed email. Here, they sent subscribers 4 ways to use craft paint. As you scroll, you see a snapshot of tools plus the

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finished product. In this case, an Insta-worthy upcycled bike. Not only does this give some major inspiration, but, by placing the exact tools in plain view, potential Philippines WhatsApp Number List customers know exactly what to look for when they head to the store or browse online. EXAMPLE #10: LEARNVEST LearnVest uses a similar strategy in their email. Instead of painting a picture of what you can create Philippines WhatsApp Number List through crafting, the LearnVest team shows their audience the reality of what happens when you Philippines WhatsApp Number List don’t create a financial plan. They use simple illustrations and a side by side comparison to convey this. By the time subscribers make their way down to the

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Get Started button, they can’t wait to begin. This is also another good example of creating the right flow and keeping your focus simple. PERSONALIZED EMAILS Philippines WhatsApp Number List These emails keep the focus on one thing: the reader. Consider these stats on personalization:[*] Philippines WhatsApp Number List Personalized messages see 6x higher transaction rates. When compared to general broadcast emails, relevant ones drive 18x more Philippines WhatsApp Number List revenue. Emails packed with personalization see click through and conversion rate increases of 14% and 10% respectively. But, to reap these rewards, you can’t stop at personalizing the greeting. You must take this one step further by personalizing both

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