To lead, you must first lead by exampleif an employer puts an employee down. Is disrespectful, inconsiderate, and exhibits negative behavior. It’s natural for an employee to follow suit. You can’t be expected to stay in a positive frame of mind if the pack leader makes the Benefits – the Consequences of How You Treat Your Staff environment so miserable you can cut the tension with .A knife or if he’s constantly contradicting what he said. Inspiration is often derived from those who lead and do so in a fun and approachable way.

In  Unhappy Employees Were to Be

Which equates to only being productive for 2 days work per week. That’s 60% at a lower rate which, if converted to a dollar amount. Can legitimately cost tens or even hundreds of thousands Benefits – the Consequences of How You Treat Your Staff of dollars a year in lost revenue Philippines Phone Number due to productivity or lack thereof. This figure includes both the logistical costs of replacing someone. As well as the loss of production required while having to go through. The grueling process of finding a replacement having to train them to upgrade.And bringing that member in.

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All of These Facets of Employee Happiness Have Been

Benefits – the Consequences of How You Treat Your Staff Offering flexibility, fair pay, and recognizing that occasionally an employee needs to take little Johnny to the dentist makes it easier for the employee to manage and approach management. People have always thrived when their employers are sensitive to their needs, continuing the model of a positive approach.

It’s clear that if you treat your employees well, then that creates a bond and trust that will thrive through which those employees will work harder, be more efficient at their jobs, and generally strive to do more for the company that treat them so well. as a result of employer investment.

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