Risk assessmentsthe old adage says an ounce of prevention costs less .Than a pound of cure, and perhaps nowhere is that truer than health care. Simply put people with underlying health conditions. That go untreated pay more for health care, as do employers who provide. Them with health insurance for example problems such. As high cholesterol and high blood pressure are inexpensive to treat when caught early. But not when they lead to heart disease and other serious conditions later. Analytics from corporate wellness programs like Woliba can provide decision makers with a big picture picture of what’s going on in countless areas of employee performance, especially when it comes to mental wellness. Woliba’s initial risk assessment paints a broad picture of how employees cope with stress and anxiety, but administrators can also seamlessly create instant surveys and questionnaires that collect critical data on employee health at a granular level.

By Identifying Key Areas and Policies That Negatively

Before the widespread use of analytics, it was difficult to assess the return on investment of a corporate wellness program. Until recently, wellness programs were seen as a nice perk, never a strategic imperative. Today, these programs are considered essential to Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List reducing ever-increasing health care costs. A study featured in the Harvard Business Review, for example, found that every dollar invested in wellness interventions yielded $6 in health care savings. Our customers have seen over 80% of employees sign up to our wellness platform. Resulting in up to 400% lower health claims for engaged users.

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Our Reviews Have Helped Users Achieve Goals Such as Weight Loss

The modern workplace meets the needs of its employees, and never has that been truer than during the Covid-19 pandemic. With proper analysis, HR departments can paint a clear picture of Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List what is going on under the hood of their organization. Employees who are not well physically or mentally will not work to their full potential. Simply put, successful organizations value healthy, happy employees.

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