Dean, the Head of Content at Sumo, wouldn’t be Bahrain Email Lists here if not for his follow-up emails. Here’s what Noah replied after a series of back-and-forth emails (and weeks of Bahrain Email Lists follow-up). Follow-Up Email: Screenshot of email from Noah to Dean Yeong If you’re not following up on your emails, you’re missing out on huge opportunities. It’s easy to make up excuses about why you shouldn’t follow up: “I don’t want to seem annoying.” “I’m Bahrain Email Lists sure they’ll get back to me; I’ll just keep waiting.” “I’m afraid I’m being too Bahrain Email Lists pushy.” And even if you do pluck up the courage to send an email, it’s all too common to send BAD follow-up emails using phrases like

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“Thought I’d check in on this” or “Bumping this to Bahrain Email Lists the top of your inbox” (Spoiler alert: These types of emails will almost always end up in the trash.) If you want to understand WHY you should send follow-up emails, and learn how to write great follow-ups that inspire action and help you achieve Bahrain Email Lists your objectives… …This post is for you. 1 What Is A Follow-Up Email? 2 Why You Should Send Bahrain Email Lists Follow-Up Emails 3 What Holds People Back from Following Up 4 How To Write A Follow-Up Email In 4 Simple Steps Bahrain Email Lists 5 Follow-Up Email Templates 6 Always Follow Up WHAT IS A FOLLOW-UP EMAIL? A follow-up email is an email you send after an

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important event or after a message hasn’t been Bahrain Email Lists replied to. For example: After a job interview, you might send a follow-up email to thank the interviewer for their time. After a prospect hasn’t replied to a sales email, you might follow up and try another angle to make the sale. After your latest invoice is Bahrain Email Lists overdue, you might need to chase the payment. WHY YOU SHOULD SEND FOLLOW-UP Bahrain Email Lists EMAILS Executives and CEOs can receive a lot of emails. Couple that with text messages, social media posts… plus actual Bahrain Email Lists work, and that’s a lot to deal with each day. So it’s easy to see how one email could slip through the cracks.

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