I love gadgets so had one pretty quickly. My first robot. I bought this because I didn’t feel like doing this work myself, but I hadn’t consciously thought about how I would like to spend my free time. Also read: This is what life will look like in 2039 Another  Panama Phone Number List example: Alexa. A very handy device, but when my kids started asking Alexa for an opinion and didn’t make any comments, which they normally have with me, I thought it went.

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wrong. You can’t ask everything to a voice assistant. Great device for shopping, but not for a political discussion. Especially because we apparently take a lot of Alexa as true, where we question things in people. The same goes for sending emails. It’s convenient, it’s fast, but it’s turned into a physical motivator that we’ve done our job well. Those kinds of criteria have crept into our work and have pushed us further away from our work.” An assistant like Alexa is a great device for errands, but not for political discussion.

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Mainly because we apparently take a lot from Alexa, where we question things in people More responsibility & involvement There are two solutions to give people more responsibility and involvement: working from home and more self-management. Does this work in practice? “Yes, but only if you use it correctly. And that is often not the case. People are different and work in different ways.

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