In this way, young people can also give free rein to their own creativity. Chat fiction: also interesting for companies Some companies targeting (among others) teenagers have also discovered chat fiction and are taking advantage of its popularity. For example, Skype and Dunkin’ Donuts write branded content for the Yarn app. Take Skype’s “Mom’s Secret” story, for example. In this story, the main characters.

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occasionally talk via Skype and share videos and photos with each other via Skype. So in fact it is just product placement, but it is not noticeable and therefore not distracting. Skype’s first two stories had been viewed more than 5 million times and generated a click-through rate of 6.3 percent. So it is also very interesting for companies. Will chat fiction solve the ‘reading problem’ of young people? Whether chat.

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fiction will solve the reading problem of young people, of course, also depends on the type of stories that are written. Chat fiction is fiction (reading fiction has many advantages ), but this form of storytelling could also be used more widely. How would Shakespeare do in chat form? How would Shakespeare do in chat form? Can we get the young people who don’t like ‘reading’ to join in again? Of course, this will never.

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