I probably don’t have to tell you that messages that evoke emotion are more likely to stick. Sure, it has to fit your brand (or you). And meme humor is an Iceland Phone Number List specialty. But certainly, in web care communication, a response in the form of a meme is perfectly accepted. A great opportunity to test it out. Get a taste? With the Meme generator, you can easily make your own memes. image social media: the meme. 3. TikTok or Insta Reels.

Works as a Base and Keep Trying

TikTok is well on its way to attracting as many users worldwide as Instagram. What can you do with it as a brand? In addition to being able to advertise on TikTok, you can also respond to hashtag challenges, for example. These videos get a lot of views. Check out these examples (PS: we also offer an online course that will answer this question). original sound 12 tompouces you just ate #tompouce † Sonido original.

Do You Always Get Very Positive

Iceland Phone Number List

ericgalinski Is TikTok going a bit too far for you because the platform is still unknown to you? Maybe Instagram Reels are more for you then. 4. Gifs What’s even better than an image? Moving picture. Think gifs, think boomerangs: moving images attract attention. Gifs can be found all over the internet, like here. With the GIF Maker app, you can make your own GIFs. That’s what KLM did with pilot Richard.

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