and Copy’s Facebook Group about his mission to grow the Sumo blog: Screenshot showing Chris Von Wilpert This post generated 57 comments and 27 Likes. More importantly, it got people interested in following his journey. So how could you tell your story in these niche communities? Here are a few angles Pitcairn Email Lists you could try: Share your story: How did you first discover the topic you’re building your email list Pitcairn Email Lists around? Craft a compelling narrative around how you became so passionate about your niche and share it with the community. Uncover a surprising fact about your niche: People love facts. Do some digging and find a little known fact to

Email Marketing – A How-To Guide For Small Businesses

share with each community. Challenge yourself: Much like Chris’ example (above), set yourself a challenge and make it public. For example, I might hook people in by being open and sharing the tactics I’m trying along my journey to 1,000+ subscribers. DAYS 9-10: PUBLISH A CASE STUDY Case Pitcairn Email Lists studies rock because they’re super actionable and they give readers the exact tactics used to attain results. For example: Pitcairn Email Lists Jason Zook’s case study on getting out of debt.[*] Chris Guillebeau’s travel hacking case study.[*] Tim Ferriss’ case study on how UFC fighters cut weight.[*] So how can case studies help you to grow your email list?

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When you have amazing content, people will share their email address to access it. Requesting an email address in return for a case study is a great way to grow your list. Pitcairn Email Lists Check out the below examples from Chris Von Wilpert and Brian Dean, who feature case studies on their homepage to drive email signups. Brian Dean shares a case study on how to increase organic traffic: Screenshot showing Brian Dean And Pitcairn Email Lists Chris shares his 20-point content promotion framework: Screenshot showing Chris Von Wilpert By the time the reader reaches the email CTA on both of these case studies, they’re already hooked by the content.

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