Then keep that offer. This version quadrupled leads Martinique Email List from our pop-up. And since the pop-up ran across the entire site, that’s an enormous impact on conversions. A few wins like this throughout the year and you’ll crush your lead goals. We also found several major wins on our double opt-in Martinique Email List confirmation page that improved the percentage of email opt-ins that double confirmed their Martinique Email List email. The original confirmation page had a 63% conversion rate: Screenshot of I Will Teach You To Be Rich original Martinique Email List confirmation page This is the version that got us to an 82% conversion rate: Screenshot of I Will Teach You To Be Rich alternate confirmation page

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Some of the wins from this page that you should Martinique Email List copy: The page layout and the three steps worked very well, I’d copy that same structure on any double confirmation page. The countdown timer and progress bar did give us a win but I’ve found that these elements aren’t winners Martinique Email List consistently. We tried other timers and progress bars that didn’t impact conversions. For whatever reason, Martinique Email List this one did give us a conversion boost. The social logos at the top were a small boost. Great example of social Martinique Email List proof. The yellow CTA button is coded to go straight to Gmail and search for the “from” email address that sends the confirmation email.

Martinique Email List

This pulls up the email in one click and got us a nice Martinique Email List conversion win. For non-Gmail users, there wasn’t a CTA button at all. I’d replicate this on any CTA that pushes users to their inbox. Since every lead went through that page, every increase in the conversion rate went straight to our lead Martinique Email List total. It had a massive impact. I always focus on the site assets that have the biggest influence Martinique Email List on total conversions. For us, this included the: Homepage. Double confirmation page. Pop-up. We tested a few other pages but those Martinique Email List three drove the bulk of our organic lead growth. DOUBLING AFFILIATE LEADS For info-product businesses, one

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