With “work-life balance” a growing factor influencing employee retention rates in organizations, and younger generations valuing the flexibility of working from home more than a pay rise, remote teams are becoming a crucial to the future workforce. remote workers: 83% of employees think they don’t need a desk to be productive. [Workforce Future] 80% to 90% of all employees surveyed said they would like to work remotely at least part of the time. [Google Analytics in the workplace] Employees who spend three to four days working from home tend to be more engaged and happier with their jobs.

Remote Teams Are Quite Common for Companies

Remote teams are quite common for companies.That want to work with top talent around the world. But may or may not have the budget to open offices in every nook and corner of the world. To hire the best workforce (regardless of geography) across .The globe to get the job done.Buffer: a pioneer in remote team management with .A team of over 80 employees South Korea Phone Number working across six time zones. Buffer is one of the most well-known “Social media management tools “In the world. They have no geographical headquarters buffer employees communicate on slack. Embarking on weekly “impromptu hours where they have on-site conversations with each other.

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They Host Water Cooler Wednesdays Where They Share

They host water cooler Wednesdays where they share a random question on their slack channel with the hashtag .So if you’re concerned about remote work success. We’d say” pretty much “! The downside of teleworking. Hesitation despite the openness to teleworker 85% of employees surveyed by believe that managers still need to understand the concept and adapt . Therefore, when building your remote team, be sure to clearly inform them of their roles and responsibilities. Plus, involve them in all aspects of your business, share company goals, and expose them to how your internal team works.

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